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Sunflower with multiple heads!!!

So I planted some sunflowers all just basic Giant sunflowers and one of them has multiple heads, at least 10! Is this normal?


  • you might just have a record breaker there Jess!

    and another question for sunflower growers.Saw the squirrels busy eating something but couldn't make out what was scattered all over our back lawn.Then this evening watched as the little blighters climbed up the sunflowers and removed the remaining heads!!! the plants were a good seven feet high.! So no sunflower seeds for the birds this year which is my reason for growing them image  has anyone come across this before?

  • There are lots of varieties that have multiple heads - a seed has got into the wrong packet image

    Think you have a way to go to beat this one though image    image

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  • Wow 104 heads! That makes my little miracle a pretty poor show ????.
  • yes, and just think of the indigestion it would give those pesky squirrells !!!!!

  • From small acorns big oaks grow ............ if you save the seeds from your multi-headed sunflower, and each year save the seeds of the one with the most heads, you may well develop a strain that will beat 104!!! image

    “I am not lost, for I know where I am. But however, where I am may be lost.” Winnie the Pooh


    Yes it is normal.The single head sunflowers are usually a F1 variety which have been bred to have single blooms. If you save the seeds from these plants and sow them the following year then save the seeds from the new plants after a few seasons few seasons you will find the seeds from the single head plant will revert to its wild version and have a single big head with a lot of smaller heads along the stem. These are usually as big as you would see on some of the large daisy plants you can get. I have done this and this year from the seeds from the same plant I had six single blooms and 2 plants with one large head and several smaller ones along its stem They are brilliant I have grown for years and its always exciting to see how tall they will grow. This year I gave seeds from the same flower head to work mates and we were all growing sunflowers. Even the novice growers got good results


    Jolly G

  • I've just seen

    this thread - it is October 2016 now and my 'Kong' sunflower has 32 heads - see photo

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    My next door neighbours have a row of them, they look so good I am thinking of planting some myself next year.

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  • I've got aa giant sunflower with at least 26 bloomes do I have a special plant? 

  • This is a sunflower plant I grew from seed bombs I bought at Menards. It is now at about 11 feet tall and has multiple flower heads.  Two other sunflowers grew from two other seed bombs, however a hail storm destroyed them and they didn't survive  but they had one head and had already started blooming long ago. Today, September 5, 2017, two of the flowering heads began to open.  I've done a lot of research online and I can't find the name of this type of sunflower. Does anyone know?  I'm going to count how many flower heads we actually have… Because I also saw the story of the 104 flower heads on a 10 foot sunflower… I know one stem had 13 flowers so I'm sure I have plenty. I can't wait for the whole thing to bloom! The photo below was taken today  and that is my husband holding a tape measure on a pole so we could get an idea of how tall it was. 

     Thanks for any insight,


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