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Red hot pokers

Hi everyone. I put this thread on the wrong section earlier! I had left my very successful red hot poker plants over the winter with the leaves on. It looked a terrible mess but at least the crown were protected in this terrible north western weather. This afternoon I bit the bullet and cut all the foliage back to about a foot above the ground, It was my intention to split and move some of the plants as there are four of them with a 1.5 meter radius. I discarded two huge sack full of foliage (It was massively overgrown!) but now I am having a panic attack that I have done the wrong thing! I am quite inexperienced. Can anyone reassure me? Thank you. Ziminuk.


  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 77,481

    Don't panic!  image  You've done the right thing - in fact I'd have probably cut them lower than that, as long as I made sure I wasn't cutting any new growth.  

    If they haven't started into new growth yet you can lift them and split them now image

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  • ZiminukZiminuk Posts: 24
    They did seem to have lots of new growth but I just chopped most of that off (oh dear I can feel the panic rising again!!!). I am not usually brave enough to be so brutal with plants! These red hot pokers were flowering beautifully last season and I am hoping they still will this summer. I think in my inexperience two years ago I put too many of these plants, too close together. In year two they are huge and realistically there is probably only enough room for one there. Maybe I could transplant the ones I dig up and put them elsewhere? I think it is the right time to do that?
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