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ID Please

inherited this shrub/plant and have no idea what it is and how to care for it. It's deciduous and although it has buds they never open.




 It's about 5' tall

any help appreciated. Thanks




  • It looks like a Hibiscus,they are flowering now so hopefully yours will soon be in flower.

  • I agree with Chrissy

  • Thanks so much Chrissy and Daintiness. Brought it from my late parents garden and had no idea what it was. I was keeping it regardless but now i can find out how to care for it.  The buds never seem to open. Maybe this year. 

    Thanks again and enjoy the rest of your weekend.



  • They need full sun to do well and flower Daisydoo.  If it's somewhere shaded, is there anywhere south facing that you could move it to?

    A trowel in the hand is worth a thousand lost under a bush.
  • Keep it well watered. They can sulk for a few years before they get going. Last year mine produced 1 flower and dropped buds before they opened. This year I have kept it well fed and wtaered and I have been rewarded with flowers - plural!!

  • Thanks Bob and daintiness. It's actually on a north facing fence. When I brought it from my parents garden my hubby just planted it in a hole.  We were in the process of redoing our garden and didn't know where it would fit in plus we didnt know what it was. It's been in its current place for about 2 years. Would it be alright to move it?  It's well watered but not sure what fertiliser to use. If it's okay to move I have the perfect spot for it. 

  •   After it flowers (hopefully) - move it! 

    If the flowers open, post a pic and someone should be able to tell you the variety.

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