hi I have never growing veg before i am going to chance it i was thinking of the likes of broad beans ect but will have to be growing in pots on bamboo is that a good idea ground space is nill



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    Broad beans don't need canes.  They don't climb. Perhaps you were thinking of runner beans.  They can be grown in pots but need a lot of watering and they can become top-heavy and unstable.

    A better idea might be Dwarf French beans - they're  good in pots - info here image

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    I'd go with dwarf beans too but they'll need lots of watering as Dove says.  You can also try salad leaves in window boxes or tubs and carrots do well in tubs, especially the shorter varieties such as Chantenay types.

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  • HI Right dwarf beans it is  ill also try carrotts off to G/C later see what they have great stuff


  • Hi you can grow a whole range of veg in pots...I grew carrots, parsnip, tomatoes, peas and herbs last year

  • I've often wondered, is the multi-purpose compost that you get these days ok to use with most veg? It sometimes seems a bit woody.

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