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I moved last year into a new house and have completely re done the garden.  I planted (among other things) three tree, an acer grisium, a prunus Serrula and a crab apple John Downie.  All three are fine, but none have put on any new growth.  The crab apple has masses of fruit and the prunus looks kind of sad, no growth and although it hasn't lost any leaves, they look kind of un-lively!  the soil is slightly acidic, I am almost at sea level in Edinburgh, the garden has patches of dampish soil at the bottom, where the crab apple is, the others are slightly up the slope, where the ground is drier, and in places very compacted.  I dug good big holes for all the trees and put compost and blood fish and bone,mixed with soil in the holes, and have watered them regularly. They went in the ground last autumn, the crab was four years old, the prunus three and the acer about one.  It just seems odd that they have none of them put on any growth.  Is this just because they are getting used to a new place, or could it be something else?  Any ideas?


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    Did you remove the compost in which the trees came and spread the roots out? Not doing that is the major cause of trees not growing properly. The roots seem to prefer the compost in which they were potted and instead of spreading out, they just go round and round, then when the food in the compost runs out, they fail.

  • they will be putting new root growth out you should have take all fruit off crab apple first year to let it root it self just feed well in spring and sold be ok

  • should lol


  • Acer griseum is a slow growing Maple and will never grow as fast as the Prunus and the Malus. I think you are giving them the right treatment, just need to be patient with them. All of them are very hardy and should have no problem with winter up there. Tetley, Edinburgh gets more sun than we do in North west England and is one of Scotland's drier places.

  • It has been very dry, and quite cold here in Edinburgh, I am not used to it, so just need to wait and see next spring.  Thanks all for your help and encouragement


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