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Clematis Seeds

Hi my father wants to grow some Clematis from seed and asked me if i could collect some from my Clematis. I've looked on my Clematis but not sure what the seed are as i've never collected any from a Clematis. Are these seeds in the pic below that i took.





  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,295

    The seeds are at the base of the feathery bit Voyagerxp.

    Wait til they're very dark in colour and remove easily.

    Sow them straight away and leave outside over winter

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  • Also, the majority of seeds won't be viable - only the larger ones are likely to germinate.  Here's a photo of one of mine which is nearly ready (seeds are turning brown) - I'd only expect the two obvious large seeds to grow:



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  • Thanks guys

  • Thanks guys, I've recently done this over the weekend.  Some seeds have dispersed already.  The ones I've tried to seed are the ones that have come away very easily from the plant.  Fingers crossed although nothing lost if they don't germinate.  Try, try and try again.  

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