When will I learn?

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Not to sow too thickly. Only a problem with my own saved seed, commercial packets hardly contain enough to do that




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    What is it nut c.?
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    Antirrhinums Tootles, saved from some called terracotta something last year. I have other examples. Tried very hard with all the nicotiana this year, they always germinate well and they're so small for such a long time pricking out is tricky. Looking a bit better in their pots

  • TootlesTootles Posts: 1,470
    You must have vary nimble fingers! It'll be worth it when they flower. Lovely.
  • That's a lot of antirrhinum!

  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 24,256

    My fingers are fairly nimble Tootles, my eyesight less so. I saved all the best orangest ones though they may have been a little promiscuous while back was turned so anything could appear.

    I may find myself giving some away Bev.

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    I did that last year with collected snapdragon seed, nutcutlet, but in a seed tray.  Potted about 100 on into modules and that still left 90% of the seed tray still full!  I've direct-sown them this year - I bet I'll end up with 2!  Quite a few of last years are still going though, so should be OK.image

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    You lucky thing nutcutlet, I dont seem to have the same success!! I have sown sweet pea seeds about 3 weeks ago in especially purchased seed compost in the hope of success, but nothing. Where have they gone, or how long do they take to germinate. I have sown them outside in a sunny sheltered position and covered the top of the pots with dome shaped recycled plastic lids to provide warmth.
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    I think your sweet peas just need a little more time. It's been so cold and unforgiving and you've sown right at the start of the outdoor season. The lids will help so I think you're doing all the right things!

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    I sowed a whole packet of snapdragon seeds in to 2 small trays last year and  I had 100s of them  I swear it looked like  every single one had germainated.

    Not had a go and collecting seeds, do you just leave the seed pods dry on the stems......a bit like foxgloves?

    Some of last years plants are still alive here as well Bob. Also the annual scabioius sown last yearimage


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