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uploading photoe's

mushermusher Posts: 389
i'm sure this question been asked a few times. How do you upload photoe's on to here please


  • pansyfacepansyface Posts: 22,314

    It really depends on what sort of thing you are working on. I know that it won't work from a phone. Other than that, go to the top of the page where you see the little box called Search this Site. Type in upload photos. You will find yourself in the company of a lot of other befuddled creatures who asked the same question in the past.image

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  • LynLyn Posts: 22,863

    It's only iPhones you can't do it on.

    Let us know what devise you're using and someone will talk you through it.

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  • hi i thought it would be really difficult however i take the pictures on my ipad and simply attach them to any posts i am happy as it is not my number one hobby

    happy gardening

  • This is a post in reply to  a similar query earlier

    Birdy13 wrote (see)

    I have no problem on my iPad and have answered this problem on another thread. This is my reply copied and pasted across to here. I wonder whether you did as I did when first trying to upload - I didn't realise that after tapping the 'select' box I then actually had to choose where to select from. Anyway, the instructions: I hope I've not missed anything out:

    Take a photo in the normal way on your iPad then go back onto this forum.

    Tap the tree icon at the top of your posting window and then choose 'Select'.

    Then choose ' Photo Library' and scroll through the 'mini pictures' of your photos for the one you want to post.

    Tap on 'Upload' and then 'Save' . The photo should appear in your posting window at wherever you left the blinking cursor. then just complete writing your post as normal. You may get an off putting window of computer code come up after 'Save'. If so, just tap the message/ instruction at the bottom of the new window and wait until your photo appears (it's some sort of glitch that appeared a few weeks ago).

    if the photo displays upside down you may have to go back into your Photo library to 'edit' the photo by cropping it to a bit smaller size. For some reason that seems to sort out the upside down issue.

    Hope that helps image

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  • LynLyn Posts: 22,863

    If you select 'photo Stream' they won't be upside down or sideways.

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