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i sowed various border plants in pots and trays about 5 / 6 weeks ago and placed in mini greenhouse about 4 weeks i bought a small greenhouse mini heater which i have had on intermittingly, but nothig is coming through, is this normal, is it because it has been so called,i am not an experienced grower,it would be very disapointing if i end up with nothing after what i have laid out to try and grow my own plants from seed.


  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 87,801

    What varieties did you sow? image

    Gardening in Central Norfolk on improved gritty moraine over chalk ... free-draining.

  • Border plants sound like perennials, they are often harder to germinate, are you expecting flowers this year?

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    So much depends upon what you sowed, in what, what size seeds, whether the weather has been light or dull - that can really be a 'how long is a eice of string' question.  Germination takes as long as it does!  Some primulas can take up to 2 years, some annuals 3 days, wait - if the seeds were viable they will germinate in their own sweet time, if they are slightly warm (too much warmth stops them), dampened (not wet), & there is light - nature will get on with her job when she feels like it.  Enjoy when they do come through.   Not to depress you, but sometimes you do get seeds that just don't, I find sweet peas can be funny - sow 4  types, 3 come and the 4th not - there's no accounting for it - that's the joy of gardening!

  • as i said im a beginner at this game,but its definately ones that are due to come up this season igot some at random in homebase and the ones that come free with amatuer gardner and some hanging basket discs,i will now always mary with the sticks what they are in future,but as i said i thought it might be this terrible weather,the grass has hardly grown much this season and ive noticed that the tulips are late.

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    I have sown three traays of sweet peas, of which about 45% have just about germinated in 5  weeks.  Braod beans in deep rooting pots are about 50%, and loads of other Sweet Pea seeds are just dormant under a shallow layer of Vermiculite. I find that Vermiculite is as helpful as vermicelli ! Utterly pointless, kills off any germination, and the soil turns green underneath. On the other hand, this could be due to overly enthusiastic watering ! Probably this is the cause.

     Generally, I have found that for a veg patch, sow seeds where you want them to grow, but, brassicas in a seed bed. Carrots, out in the garden, under a cold frame that will cover a small and short rowed patch.  Beetroot, where you want to grow them , and in a well conditioned soil. I don't worry too much about the 'fertilizer' stuff in the soil, but heap a load of manure for the 'conditioning of the soil. The more veg matter in the soil, the better. Fertility ain't the 'b' all and end all. Condition is the primary thing. The rest will look after itself. 

    Get a good compost heap going, and wee on it as often as you are in the garden!  Better than Garotta, which is the same thing, but ours is better ! Bring your friends around for a few bers sometimes, and watch your garden grow !



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    I have just re-read that submission above, and I cannot BELIEVE  how many typing errors there are !   GERMINATION !  not wishing to cause offence to our Royal family and cast aspertions on the German folk !

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