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lawn problems

hi guys

my friends "lawn" is in a real mess. its bumpy, has various small holes and is getting almost impossible to mow, and manage! I don't think it was ever laid properly and seems almost on a slope.

ive suggested getting rid of it but she wants to keep it, and the dogs - large but lovely - are allowed to wee etc so you can imagine the state of it.. and 2 cats!

I mow it but its a real mess.

I was thinking of getting some "mind your own business" and putting it in a small part and see it it takes.

I cant believe im thinking of this, at my sisters house before she sold it I spent ages trying to get rid of it, and nothing worked,but that was on paving stones and no dogs or cats.

wish I had taken some with me now! I have seen it for sale, and seen it in various gardens. is it worth a go? any other suggestions?!!


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