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Lantana seed query

Morning everyone, we've just got back from a short holiday in Spain where I saw what I thought were beautiful orange verbena plants scrambling over walls.  Having now googled them I think they were Lantanas.  I thought I'd try to propagate some so collected what I thought were seeds but now I'm not sure they are.  The 'seeds' were large (4-5mm diameter), black balls attached to the flower part where the petals had been but they're rock hard like a ball-bearing.  Does anyone know if I've collected the wrong thing or do they just need a good soak next Spring before planting?  Many thanks.


  • ZenjeffZenjeff Posts: 652

    Lantana seeds are black like a blueberry seeds need heat 70f also soak before sowing

  • Thanks Zenjeff.  I've never seen blueberry seeds but these are certainly black so hopefully I've collected the right thing.

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