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Slow worms and roe deer

An odd mix for a subject title but bear with me. 

I found my first (live) slow worm in the garden today. I found one dead in the snow a month ago which was a surprise, must have tried to get going too soon and got caught out in our long hard spring. I need to start stripping off long grass soon on various banks but I am always wary of finding slow worms in there. I am delighted to find them again of course but it means slow progress for me as the strimmer gets parked and hand work begins. Hopefully sightings of grass snakes will not be far behind.

I also found a present from a roe deer buck. Not the usual compost enhancer from the back end but an antler found in a loose wood pile. The stag must have been using the branches to rattle off its antlers at the end of Winter. The antler looks just like these on a buck we had in the garden a few years ago:-




  • Pennine PetalPennine Petal Posts: 1,540
    What a beautiful photo. We get deer now and then on the park opposite us, mostly when they are looking for food in winter.

    Got a surprise this week to find some highland cattle walking up the road along the pavement. Had 2 calves with them. They had been on the park (just a landscaped field really). On the other side of the road a ewe and 2 lambs were wandering up the verge wondering how to get back in the field.
  • flowering roseflowering rose Posts: 1,632

    I ride on the Mendips and we often come across Roe deer,they don't take much notice of us as were on horse back and this week two ran out in front of us calling to each other in  a soft mewing noise.Lovely to see them again as the loggers have disturbed them for awhile but they are back.

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