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Agapanthus advice

I've been given 2 large pots of overwintered agapanthus complete with yellow dry leaves. One pot has roots poking thru the base and topsoil and the other pot has cracked. How do I deal with them please ? I'm keen to keep them going and put the pots in my border this summer. I do have a greenhouse.


  • If you have free draining soil you could plant them out, preferably in full sun. If soil is heavy/wet repot them. Some say they like to be a bit crowded. I grow mine in large blue glazed pots with 7 plants in each. They flower profuseley so far and seed into the gravel they stand on giving me new plants each year. If the leaves are very narrow they are likely to be reasonably hardy. Wider leaved types tend to be less hardy and you could move pots to greenhouse in winter and back out after fear of frosts over. hope this helps.

  • IcanIcan Posts: 3
    Thank you Woodgreen, think I'll pot them on then. Shall I cut the dead leaves off and can I give them a feed of some sort eg tomato plant food?
  • Yes,remove dead leaves, generally tidy up. Pot up in new compost will look good. Feed with tom food , half strength when you water. Compost in pot could have a little added grit for drainage.

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