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Talkback: Pests and diseases - rust

Hello,I'm a real novice and I have had a problem this year in my greenhouse, the leaves on some of my plants have caught some thing, but I don't think it is a mould, because what ever it is it eats the leaves and what is left is just a skeleton of all the leaves vains. First the leaf goes from a beautiful dark green to whitish yellow, then small spots arrive and then these holes start to appear, but the vains of the leaves are left until it is just a skeleton and then another healthy leaf next to the infected one will start to show signs of infection and so it goes on. We have had a very summer in the North West which may have contributed to this. Can any one please help me.


  • I have blackspot on my large hydrangea bush in my border. it has appeared for the first time this year although it is a very old shrub. Could it be the very wet summer we've had and what should I do?
  • i have had my trees in pots for 6 yrs one is thriving but when the new shoots come there is millions of tiny black beasts I have sprayed then sadly cut them back will this affect them as the other one
  • I have just made a plot 8X6 with the best top soil sadly I dont know if there is anything that Ican plant now for the autumn can anyone help
  • I planted leeks last year which succumbed to rust. This year I planted garlic in the same area and this too has succumbed to rust. I discarded all the leaves etc but I would like to know what I should use on the ground to clean it of the spores which must still be there. It is a raised bed which at the moment has carrots along with the garlic growing away quite happily. Can I clean the affected area now or should I wait until Autumn and what should I use please? I have 10 raised beds and none of the other beds appear to have been affected.
  • We have a newly created garden, and this spring I planted a weeping Kilmarnock Willow which has suffered quite badly with rust. Not being too experienced I'm not sure how best to prevent this happening again next year. Should I thin out the branches and cut them shorter so they don't drag on the ground?
  • i have a red leaved tree with rust and black spots

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