Should my Shallots have Shoots?

Hi, I planted some shallot sets into the ground about 2/3 weeks ago, following the advice and leaving the tips exposed. I watered well and have left them. But so far I cannot see any growth on them, no green shoots appearing at the top. I planted garlic last weekend and already that has big green shoots on it. They're in my fruit cage with all my lovely fruit bushes that look amazing now that the leaves have unfurled.

Should I be worried about them?


  • Sam WardSam Ward Posts: 2

    I planted mine even earlier than you saltski and have only just seen green shoots peeking through on one or two of them. I got worried and pulled one up and there was only a little bit of root growth but it was there. And the set itself was still sound and not rotitng or anything, so I suppose its just not been warm enough (I'm in Nottingham on the side of a windy hill). Keep the soil moist and be patient I reckon. If you're impatient (like me) cover with a cloche or something which will get them going.

  • saltskisaltski Posts: 50

    Thanks for the tips, glad I'm not the only one with slow ones. I'm not far from Sam so it's probable that they're on similar timescales.

    Lets hope for some nice warm weather.

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