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Pumpkin flowers

Earlier this year (2015) I planted some pumpkin seeds . (From a pumpkin that I enjoyed eating last year!) I wasn't expecting anyone of them to work but, by some surprise, they had! (I planted about 14 ish seeds and 2 seedlings to a friend.) 

Anyway, they've grown wildly and have loads of flowers. (I know that the flowers turn into the pumpkins.) So, would it be best, if I cut some of the flowers off to make them bigger pumpkins? Or will they grow big by themselves?

Oh, by the way, I do feed them at least once a week with tomato food. Thanks for any tips image


  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 65,499

    Yes, don't leave all the flowers on - remove them to let the plant concentrate on the fruit you've got as it's now getting late in the season.

    You can use the flowers for cooking, either like this or stuffed like courgette flowers.


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  • Hi,


    Thank you Dovefromabove I've been cutting them off ever you suggested it. I think I may of cut off too many flowers as the ones I've kept on seem to not be producing any fruit at the moment! Oh well, I guess you learn from your mistakes.

  • can cut off the flowers which don't have embryo fruit forming behind them. There is no real advantage in cutting those with fruit.

    It's pretty late now to be hoping for any new fruit to form and ripen.  If you have some decent sized fruit, cut off the leader back to a couple of leaves and lift the fruit off the ground ( a brick or bit of wire netting ).

    As Dove says, the flowers needn't be wasted.......tasty in their own rightimage

  • ItalophileItalophile Posts: 1,730

    Pumpkins, depending on variety, need about 3 months. Any fruit setting now has zero chance of ripening.

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