how often should i water new seedlings

Hi folks,

How often should i water new seedlings?



  • Simple answer-when it is needed-it is not a matter of time

    Lift the pot/tray-is it light?-is the compost a paler colour?-then water-but never water on a regular basis-you can kill with kindnessimage

  • thank you

    only tend to put abit in anyway, just to just cover the bottom of the trays

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    You're watering from the bottom, Nicholas? I wouldn't with seedlings. You can't judge the dampness of the mix. Water from the top, let the mix pretty much dry out without leaving them bone dry.

  • yeah watering from bottom to save disturbing the seeds

  • Green MagpieGreen Magpie Posts: 675

    You didn't say what type of seedlings, but some, such as tomatoes and chillies, are better watered in the morning, so that they don't get chilled at night.

  • Nicholas - what seedlings are you talking about?

  • I'm growing a large variety of veg of all different types
  • I never have problems watering from the bottom using a good seed compost and adaquate drainage. It only takes a minute or so if you are using a shallow tray. The advantage about bottom watering is that you make sure the water is reaching the roots and that the foliage remains dry. Always make sure that your compost is thoroughly wetted before sowing. There is also less chance of washing the soil away with bottom watering. Even misting can disturb new seedlings. Do not go by the top colour of the compost this is not an indication how wet the mix is. It seems to me you are doing the right thing, if the compost does appear very dry just carry on as you have been doing watering from the bottom.

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    I water from the bottom. As Terry says, it's where the roots are. I assess need to water by weight of tray/pot

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    my lettuce are leggy what sould I do with them they are still tiny

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