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This year I have successfuly grown antywhatsits. The seedlings now have about 3/4 leaves. Should I pinch the top out to encourage bushiness or leave them to it?



  • I'e got hundreds of these too - mine only have the beginnings of their first true leaves though - I hope they're not too late!

    Don't know what to do re. piching out I'm afraid - hadn't planned on it as I thought they were just a single stem, so not needed.

    Do many of yours have three leaves (I mean three seedling leaves, then three true leaves and so on)?

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    They are growing very straight, with about 3 proper leaves, which is why I wondered if they need pinching out to become bushy.

    Guess we'll both have to wait and see what others sayimage

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    Hi both, I would say pinch out.  Grew them last year and pinched out a few to see what happened and then did the rest. They did grow into bushy plants with multiple stemsimage  They put on a fantastic show and the large bumblies adored them.

    I would just do a few at first to see how they get on, if all good you can always do the rest


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    Bit of an after thought, I start pinching out when the seedling starts to look like a bit of a true plant, hope that makes sense

    Mine had 4-5 true leaves and were looking very sturdy.

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    Thanks as ever. Means I can use my new mini clippers. image

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