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Growing On Shallots & Garlic

NewBoy2NewBoy2 BristolPosts: 1,506

I bought some garlic and shallots on line and they have grown well this season

? Can I save some sets and garlic cloves and grow them on again and if so can this be done each year

I dont think it can be done with ordinary white onions

Everyone is just trying to be Happy.


  • You can save and use for the following year.  If you do it too often, I think the only issue may be any disease build up in the cloves/sets.  Could be using your own will produce a reduced harvest too.

    May be a good idea to try both newly purchased and saved........treat them both the same and see what the results are ?  Always interesting to compareimage

  • NewBoy2NewBoy2 BristolPosts: 1,506

    Thanks Phillippa Smith 2

    I am using the "comparison method " for other veg to see which is the best for Me Plot





    Everyone is just trying to be Happy.
  • Zoomer44Zoomer44 Posts: 3,189

    This isn't recommended by most growers but I planted a mix of garlic bulbs this yr, one bulb I'd grown, one brought back from France - purchased at a local market, image and another bought at a local grocers claiming it was grown locally.

    Grew them for the 1st time on the plot. None developed rust on their leaves, they didn't bolt and all died back before picking. I left them in the ground as long as possible hoping it would improve their size.

    I didn't label which were which, but the results - I had small bulbs, golf ball size (no different from any other yr), a few produced seperate bigger cloves which had grown away from the main bulb, I've used one this evening, once the top layer of skin was removed there were two cloves inside.  

    Comparison planting sounds a good plan, I was planning to plant out onion sets and shallots this side of winter to trial if they grew bigger than those planted in the springimage 

  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Leicestershire, UKPosts: 9,734

    I grew shallots this year from bulbs harvested last year.  The plants grew just as well as the original 'seed' shallots.  However, I will be buying new bulbs for next year as I want to try a different variety. image

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