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Hi Guys, just looking for some advice, what are the fastest growing blossom trees? I live in Eastbourne East Sussex and I am looking to plant one in front of my house. I prefer the pink flowering ones, preferably weeping but not ruling out normal. Also how big can I buy them already? Many thanks Luke


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    If you live in Derbyshire, as I do.
  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Posts: 11,391

    Not sure about the fastest growing (I normally avoid anything labelled that way as they often get out of hand too easily) but if you like weeping trees, a weeping cherry might fit the bill.  Those can be bought as 3 year old pot-grown ones which are about 6-7ft tall for about £40.  Bare-root trees are much cheaper but will not be available until the dormant season (about November to early March.)  If you go to specialist suppliers (who supply garden shows like Chelsea) you can actually buy almost any tree at any size but they do not come cheap and are difficult to plant, usually requiring machinery, eg:




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    I agree with Philippa; buy a big specimen tree and you will probably struggle to keep it alive for at least three years and it won't grow much if you do manage to keep it alive.  Much better to to buy a smaller tree, water it generously for  the first spring and summer and moderately the following summer and it will grow happily.  You'll save a lot of money and after about five years you wouldn't notice the difference in size, probably.  In my experience it is much better to by bare rooted, if you can.


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    Hello Luke, I bought a flowering cherry called a Kanzan.  It's got a thick double pink flower which is nice and large and the best surprise was the colour that the leaves turn in autumn which is the most amazing combination of red, yellow and orange. 

    It was about 4ft when i bought it three years ago. It's about 8ft now and looks lovely. 

  • Thank you for the advice guys ????
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