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Cornfield Annuals on Clay

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to plan an area for wildflowers, and my partner prefers the idea of the cornfield annuals rather than a mini meadow. We have clay soil so my first question is, will they succeed on clay soil or is it too damp for them?

I've found the following seed mix on a highly recommended website, and am interested in it because it has more varieties of native flowers than the standard 5: 

The mix is:

30% Corn Cockle

5% Corn Chamomile

4% Thorow-wax

25% Cornflower

15% Corn Marigold

10% Common Poppy

1% Corn Buttercup

10% Night-Flowering Catchfly

It's £9.50 per 100g which is more expensive than somewhere like, but it's got more varieties so I'm guessing it's very good value still.

My second question is, is this something I need to sow every year or do they generally self seed in following years?

My final question is, as the cornfield annuals don't include grasses are we missing out on lots of beneficial things for insects? Is there a particular type of perennial grass I could buy to plant nearby that would balance this out?

Thanks for any help,

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  • pansyfacepansyface PEAK DISTRICT DerbyshirePosts: 21,255

    I don't know about the clay element of the question but I have found that it's more reliable to gather the seeds by hand and resow them yourself rather than hope for the seeds to fall on fertile ground by themselves.

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  • LucidLucid Posts: 385

    Thanks for your replies hollie hock and pansyface.

    I've read that sowing in September/October has some advantages due to the cold frost that the seeds are exposed to - apparently this can be particularly good for the Poppies. However apparently Corncockle is an Autumn germinating flower so this may end up dominating, which I guess is a disadvantage.

    We'll be working on planting up our garden over the next couple of weeks, so I thought it made sense to try to sow some cornfield seeds at the same time. I just wasn't sure on the clay issue though - one thing I haven't found a definitive answer for online yet.

    Thanks for advice on collecting the seeds pansyface - I'll keep it in mind.

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