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Can I save my spring/summer bulbs

Hi All! Like many others I stored spring and summer bulbs in a container in the garden and they've nearly all bolted including tulip, hyacinths, fritillaria rubra - I got them out yesterday to start planting and although they smell pretty bad they are all still firm and clean I haven't seen any sign of disease. What could I use to 'Disinfect' them without causing damage and could/should I cut off the huge (Some 7/8") shoots and put them in the ground to recover for next year?

None of my soil is more than a spit deep so the longer shoots would have to be laid out flat if not cut. I've seperated them all out and put them in a container facing the wind to dry them off a bit hoping that wouldn't harm them even more? Look forward to hearing your views!




  • Eh-??? Like many others??

    Those bulbs you mentioned should have been in the ground by November-not stored till now-April-where did you get this idea from??

    They are in flower now in gardens-out of the ground they just rot-and that is what has happened

    Sorry to be so forthright-but you have made a big mistake-best throw them out

    Buy fresh in September and plant from them onwards

    Honestly-I really dont understandimage

  • PalaisglidePalaisglide Posts: 3,414

    Liz, Spring bulbs need to be in the ground by mid October, the reason being they need a cold spell to waken them up, Hyacinths in pots for Christmas have been in a fridge to prepare them and start them off to bloom early.
    You can grow bulbs in deep pots and even mix them and I do that as well as planting in the beds, they would go in as usual in September October and be left to winter.
    Soil only a spit deep needs some work, why is it only a spit deep, builders rubble? clay? or other? would like some feed back on that.
    A solution is to raise the beds either with slabs, bricks, or boards and put some good soil into the raised area, we are only talking six to nine inches higher and you could then deep plant bulbs and leave them then bedding on top after the bulbs are done.
    It sounds as if you have lost your bulbs although you could pop them into pots with fresh compost and wait to see what happens.
    next Autumn you will be able to buy bags full of bulbs and get them into the ground or deep pots ready for the arrival of Spring which this year in my part of the Country is four weeks late.


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