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Hi all, I need some advice or direction on where to get seed packs of mixed wild flowers in varying colour. I have a reasonably sized meadow that I really can't be bothered to mow this year!!! I intend dividing it up into blocks and planting wild flowers in varying block colours and then just keep the 'pathways' between mowed. Any help or direction would be welcomed.


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    I've never seen wild flowers seeds sold by colour, you probably need to buy the packs individually. If you're talking large amounts I'd go to one of the specialists, you'll get bigger packets. 
    don't forget there are lots of different 'meadows' The annual cornfield flowers, cornflower, poppy, corncockle  don't grow in grass, they need cultivated soil as in a cornfield. The perennials need to be germinated and grown on before being added to grassland to ensure success




    Lots more, just search for wild flower seeds

  • I think I've seen packets of cottage garden-type annuals sold in clour themed packs in poundland and the like - obvs not the right thing, but maybe they have wildflower varients too.

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    Try a company called Naturescape, they specialise in wild flowers.

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    You would have to strip off all the grass first. Obviously this is going to take some time.

    I did this last year to an area 3m by 10m.  I then scattered seed. I filled in all the gaps with plug plants I grew myself. mainly oxeye daisy, hesperis, but also rudbeckia, verbena bonariensis, harebell, Lotus corniculata, various ornamental grasses, evening primrose,  when some died at end of summer I planted allium bulbs in gaps.  this spring I sprinkled more  seedespecially poppies and corncockle, in the gaps.I had flowers through august sept oct, and the perennials are about to start flowering.

    It might be easier to just mow the grass.

    pictorialmeadows.co.uk    also  wildseed.co.uk

    It's not a mess, it's a nature reserve.
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