Pieris in shade

Hello, I picked up a young Peiris, forest flame, in wilkinsons the other week, just because it looked so nice, with it's white flowers and green and red foliage.

I had I thought I might plant it in one of the northernmost corners of my garden, which have yet to get any direct sun this year due to the 5ft fence. I think it is supposed to be in full sun/part shade, but I wondered whether in practice anyone has experience of growing them in shade?



  • I had no idead about acid, I'm a complete novice! I just picked it up because it's a lovely plant image

    I don't have any dappled shade yet. At 20cm, it's one of the tallest of my growing collection of very young shrubs in pots. Perhaps I'll leave it in a pot for the time being and see how things develop...

  • I have pieris growing in my front garden and it's not in acid soil and it does very well.   Mine is in almost full sun and it seems to be quite happy there.  Maybe in acid soil it would do better - i don't know - but i don't believe acid soil is absolutely essential.

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