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just a lil' update

David 25David 25 Posts: 82



Hi all.

i think i have been absent for a while now so i thought i'd update you on my progress so far



they are now permently outside in a cold frame. how do you think there doing?


 this is my honeysuckle and is doing quite well.(the jasmine and clematis are really struggling)


 whats this plant. it was given to me by a neighbour last june/july. his had flowered and looked really nice. he gave me a small baby plant which is put in a pot. it died almost completely but to my suprise these last couple of weeks it has really put on a charge.


 Just my lil ted image


  • David 25David 25 Posts: 82


    primroses and connifer




     lillies that i bought, the ones i planted as bulbs havent arrived at all

  • David 25David 25 Posts: 82


    jasmine struggling


     this plant seemed to suffer badly during winter with frost bite. i cut it right back to stimulate growth. im hoping that it will start growing again soon.


     clematis struggling.


  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 82,724

    Hi Dave, good to see you and nice to get the update image  Things are looking good - the honeysuckle looks healthy and will soon throw out some new shoots, as will the jasmine and clematis now that the weather's warming up.  

    Not sure what your mystery plant is, but I'm sure someone will have an idea - you'll have to post another photo when it's flowering.

    Your pots are looking good and that lavender is nice and bushy so you'll get plenty of flowers - the bees will love it.

    I think you've done the right thing, cutting back the plant that suffered in the winter.  I can't tell what it is yet, possibly a variegated sage?  It'll grow back soon and then we'll know.

    And those petunias look very promising.  Keep up the good work! image

    I take it Ted is Supervisorimage


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  • Looks lovely!

    My honeysuckle was groving very robustly earlier this year and for some reason I fed it with rose fertiliser thinking the extra potash will flower it more. Big mistake! Now some of the leaves has turned black!
  • David 25David 25 Posts: 82
    Hi the plant I cut back is a hebe. I forget which type now. I haven't fed any of my plants yet this year as it has been so cold but may do in the near future. Yes ted is most definitely supervisor as he always goes round and inspects my work when I'm finished image
  • Lovely pics David. The warm weather and sunshine will soon have everything growing well

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  • mdw84mdw84 Posts: 105

    Hi David 25.

    From my experience hebes can be quite temperamental.  I don't know the positioning of yours but it is probably damaged from the frost and more likely cold winds, try to keep it sheltered from cold winds and don't cut back to late in the year. It'll do fine then as the wounds should heal before really cold weather.

    This is from my experience only.

    Good luck

    P.s. the bees and butterflies also love hebes, but if Ted is anything like my mastiff he sees bees as a great interest of which half of my time is spent getting him away from them

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