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Scarifier / aerators / rake

My largish lawn is on rather compacted clay and gets a lot of moss each winter and dries out quickly in summer. I keep on top of the moss with lawnsand, but there is a lot of 'thatch'.

I have been dithering over whether to buy an electric scarifier, or a combi scarifier / rake, or whether to hire one.

 I bought one of those manual hollow tine aerator intending to brush sharp sand into the holes but the tines got jammed with sticky clay -  it was such a fag I gave up.   I have seen petrol  pluggers for hire - is that a power version?  Some electric scarifiers claim to be aerators as well, but if they just prick holes in the lawn won't these close up again? 

Advice appreciated from anyone who has been there, done it, got the teeshirt....


  • mike wmike w Posts: 43

    Hi Gold1locks

    I have also tried the hollow tines a waste of time and energy equal failure   with with   electric wire tang scarifier.I now have a petrol scarifier heaavy duty it works OK but does not pickup well.

    I often wonder whether or not it would be easier to bring in an outside lawn specialist once a year for them to use their eqipment.


    Mike W



  • cilmericilmeri Posts: 116

    Hello gold1locks and mike w,

    I read your posts with interest as I look at the blisters on my thumbs after scarifying two smallish lawns.Shudder at the thought of the raking, forking etc weeds to deal with, again. 

    I've considered a hollow tine aerator as in the past I found that the holes pricked with a fork do close again even after waggling the fork about. Interesting to hear  they  are not as good as advertised. As my lawn soil is compacted and quite wet due to a high water table in this area I'll forget that idea.

    So, I'm going to have the specialists in to get the lawns back  into good condition. Pricey, but  its got to be worth it.


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