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hi its me again no questions this time just to say, everything planted ,rhubarb finally coming through the manure ,got about 3 dozen tadpoles in the pond, Stewart 2 allotments away must have 2000 of em , and sunshine But there it was this morning!! the dreaded silver line my first this year ,,out came the Wilcos slug pellets and battle began at officially at 11.30 today cant spell French but Selagare or something like that, its all down to that little French bloke, anyway iv lost mi faces on ere as well where are they,Right good luck all and slug traps to the front if you please bye 4now Alan


  • artjakartjak Posts: 4,167

    Possibly 'C'est la guerre'(?) 'This is war' (?) I quite agree Alan; it is a fight to the death! Take no prisoners is my motto.image

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