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Hoya tips

About 13years  ago I  inherited my hoya from my Dad. Its positioned out of direct sun in a warm room. Dad got plenty of flowers. I've had none. A cutting from my plant flowered for a friend!!!Asking succesful growers for tips has proved unsuccessful.   Last year in desperation  I divided it and gave it a good prune. It is positioned out of direct sun in a warm room. I feed it with orchid food. I don't want to bin it but... ! Any ideas please? Many thanks.



  • I've inherited a large one of these and mine has not flowered well for 2 years since I moved it. It liked being on a north facing windowsill and had up to 10 flower clusters on it each year. I had to move it and I only got one flower last year. My north facing room was cooler, so maybe they don't like it too hot and dry.

  • HarrasHarras Posts: 10

    .I'll try moving it . Thankyou 

  • AnselliaAnsellia Posts: 6

    I grow a few Hoya species.

    Most species prefer a spot with bright indirect light with some morning or evening sun.

    Being epiphytic, in their natural habitat they scramble up trees and are happiest in dappled sunlight with lots of air circulating around them. Unfortunately they are too often grown in too dark a spot, as they are mistakenly thought to grow down, underneath the jungle canopy instead of up in it.

    I pot them in African Violet compost with a good helping of Orchid bark, some grit and a bit of slow release fertiliser.

    They like lots of water but very free draining so they dry almost completely before re-watering.

    Also a spritz every or other day and I dose them with very dilute organic seaweed once a month.

    Hope your Hoya blooms soon.
  • jo4eyesjo4eyes Posts: 2,058

    Harras, you couldnt have accidently pruned away the 'stalks' from where the flowers form at the ends, could you? I know that I knocked one off my varigated one several yrs ago. It's only just decided to regrow another, so it should flower again sometime soon.

    Also I understood that they prefer to be almost pot bound before they flower. Daughter inherited 1 from MIL & it had to be pruned quite hard to bring it back in hand luggage. It's now referred to as 'the triffid', growing very well & really healthy looking, but no sign of flowers yet. I remember that mine, a relative of 'Triffid' took several yrs before it too started flowering & now it starts most yrs in early February. J.

  • HarrasHarras Posts: 10

    Thanks for all your tips. I'll move the plant, water it less and give it a little food. I suspect it needs all of these. Thanks again everyone.


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