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palm has gone brown?


 i have a potted palm, i believe it might be similar to a sago Palm and although there is new growth in the centre the outside leaves have mostly turned brown, the soil has not been over watered but is in a very bright position and get lots of sun, can anyone help please?


  • Rich6Rich6 Posts: 2

    on patio in full sun in large pot

  • Eventually the leaves will go brown as the new growth comes, is it likely this is just the old leaves dying back. Do you have a photo you can add? How long since you "trimmed" the outer leaves back?

    I had a couple of palms in the ground at an old house, sadly I did lose one to the winter. This went from the middle, the leaves as they grew did look healthy, but a quick tug at one in the middle and they whole heart cam out, it was rotten.

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