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    Cecilia I think is asking can she lift them after flowering the answer is yes although they are best left until the leaves die down.
    When the flowers are finished cut them off and leave them for at least six weeks as the leaves feed the bulb for next year. If you need the space then put a fork under the bulb lift the whole bulb and leaves gently then drop them into a pot, it does not matter if you crowd them in, fill the pot with compost and put to one side with some sun and let them die down.
    I lift mine and drop them into a Nursery bed (an area not in use as yet) in rows and let them rest and feed.
    Never fold the leaves down, or tie them in a knot, or even cut them off, they are the feed factory for the bulb to flower next year.
    RAIN, my Daf's opened on Saturday which to me was the first day of Spring up here, it was sunny and warm with no easterly breeze, the first time in months, today they got blown over, you cannot win.


  • Cecilia2Cecilia2 Posts: 2
    Thanks, that does indeed answer my question!

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