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Getting rid of slugs

Have just read an article in the Daily Telegraph on cottage gardens and thought I would post this excerpt which refers to delphiniums:

"To counteract slugs, he buys aluminium sulphate from a chemist and puts two tablespoons in two gallons of water and applies it around the plant when the leaves emerge. The advantage over slug pellets is that this penetrates into the soil. It acidifies the soil and is used as a hydrangea colourant to keep the flowers blue.

Nick Langdon of the renowned nursery Blackmoor and Langdon ( recommends applying it in the autumn, too, as slugs lay eggs in the crowns of the plant which will devastate young leaves in spring."


  • cilmericilmeri Posts: 116

    Hi, thanks Swiss Sue, what a good idea..image 

    As 'amateur gardeners' will check if we can get  this... hope it's  wildlife friendly ..

  • artjakartjak Posts: 4,167

    Have just checked, it is in use as an hydreangia colourant. It reduces the ph of the soil and kills molluscs, esp. Spanish Slugs, ole`image

  • sounds great anything that works is a bonus, this year i have put flower/water down, the yeast attracts them, also put plastic bottle collar with copper tape around , and thankfully delphinums, lupins have been untouched but its early days .

  • should read flour/water so used to talking about flowers just typed it lol

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