Tomato plants wanted

Hello, I live in dymock ( Gloucester area ) Gloucestershire. I am after around 100 tomato plants. A local garden centre is to costly. I was advised to go to a whole salers. Does anyone know any in Gloucestershire. Thanks Natasha


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    Not too late to sow some seeds image

    No-one knows if you've done your housework, but everyone knows if you've done your gardening !
  • I was considering that. But wasn't to sure if was leaving it to late and pushing my luck
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    I sowed some in my unheated greenhouse and lost them all to the cold so have sown afresh today. the ones for sale in my local garden centre were tiny so am sure my seeds will catch up. One tiny plant to buy was 99p....a packet of 10 seeds was ??1.99.
  • I'd just say keep a close eye on them.... thus speaks the voice of experience. I had my Marmande and Gardeners Delight seedlings just shyly popping up, missed spraying them for ONE DAY and they all flopped.

    I sowed them in seed compost. I noticed on Joe Swifts video just now that he sows them in ordinary peat free compost, what do others do? Is the seed compost not rich enough to keep them going?

    Help please, my vision of my new greenhouse brimming over with tomatoes this summer is fast receeding image


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    Carly- I sowed mine in seed compost about 3 weeks ago and they're good healthy little plants now. They were on kitchen window sill with a radiator below in a  little propagator until they came through. Now on other window just as they are. I just make sur ethey don't dry out and I keep turning them. I'll be leaving them for a while yet before I start hardening them off to go outside under cover because it's been so cold. (I'm in Scotland)image

  • I sowed some in pop bottles cut in half. Then cut the base in half again then take cap off abs stuff with cotton wool and fill with compost abs sow away. My self harvested tomatoes took 5 days to germinate, no time at all.
  • I bought my tomato plug plant on line they are moneymaker they came by post. From .mine were 3.99 for 5 ,but they my do you a deal for more .if you want a phone number I have got it .
  • Thank you for all the replies and helpful advise. Greenhouse addict what's the number please? Many thanks Natasha image
  • blackestblackest Posts: 623

    Brookside Nurseries
    School Lane
    B78 3DW

    Tel: 0843 289 6689
    Fax: 0872 115 7233

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