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Help identifying rose

Hello everybody. I need a rose nerd to help me with this. C. 1981, my dad planted a rose in our back garden, and I want to find out what variety it was - partly as a bit of nostalgia and partly because I want to recreate the awesome rose wine he made with it!

Can anyone help me identify it? It's still growing at the house (which we sold and was turned into student accommodation 17 years ago), so it must be pretty tough variety to survive the neglect. It certainly withstood some very lax maintenance on my parents' behalf!

Here's a very blurry pic I managed to scrape from Google Street View:


It was very, very fragrant, a deep pink colour and a double bloom. I imagine that it would have been fairly commonly available when my dad bought it, as he's not the sort to go to the trouble of obtaining anything rare or expensive. It was planted in an east-facing garden with lots of trees around, so there was a fair bit of shade.

The closest variety that I've been able to find is "Wendy Cussons" (below). The flower shape certainly looks the same as I remember, but all the descriptions say that it's terribly fragile and needs perma-sun. Does anyone have any better ideas? Otherwise I'm going to have to drive up to Leeds and steal a cutting (assuming it hasn't died since street view pics were taken, of course)!




  • LeonetteLeonette Posts: 18
    From the Google pic it does look like the same variety,it also looks like a sheltered position with the walls to give out extra heat so it maybe you are right. There are lots of other very fragrant roses that would make good wine too.
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