Freesia Bulbs

I've been given a small packet of Freesia bulbs which has no instructions of how/when to plant etc. I could do with some advice on this. Was thinking of planting in a pot as I have very heavy clay soil, could they stay in the same pot over winter like Dafodil bulbs?


  • ElusiveElusive Posts: 992

    Freesia bulbs can go in now. Mine have started sprouting already.

    They will do great in pots but I dont think they tend to come back as well next year so most people treat them as 'annual' bulbs.


  • I have some Freesia bulbs and it says on packet to plant between Feb/May but wait if the ground is frozen or waterlogged, Plant with tips upward in a sunny spot in well drained soil, the plants should be planted twice the depth of each bulb and about the same distance apart. Water after planting and in summer if the ground is dry but do not waterlog. After the plants start to grow add some general purpose fertiliser. (In cold areas it may be necessary to lift in autumn and store in a frost free place over winter).

    Hope this helps image

  • Im sure that will help. Can't wait to get them growing. Thank you
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