Perennial wallflower

Linda MaryLinda Mary Posts: 2

I have 3 lovely variegated perennial wallflowers in my front garden that flower from spring right thru to autumn so I am guessing they will not seed.  I have "googled" but can find nowhere that stocks them.  I cannot remember where I got them from and would like more.  Can anyone give me any clue as to where I might buy them or propogate them.  I am new to the GW forum so this is my first post.  Hopefully someone out there can held.




  • lisabjlisabj Posts: 13

    I would love to know too!

  • joslowjoslow Posts: 219

    Easy to propagate from cuttings in the summer.

  • hollie hockhollie hock Posts: 3,346

    Got a couple of the bowles mauve type, bought them from a market last year.They have flowered their socks off for about 9 months, grew into lovely shrubs. Not looking so great now. I've got the purple coloured leaves and the buds on mine as well. I've hastily taken some cuttings, if they don't take I will definatley get some more and have a go at taking some cuttings next year


  • benno14benno14 Posts: 5

    Hi Linda Mary , I am new here to , I have just purchased some Erysimum from Notcotts , But I forgot to ask when it was safe to plant them out any assistance will be much appreciated.

  • hollie hockhollie hock Posts: 3,346

    Hi benno, if the plant is fair size, I would check to see if it needed potting on and  harden it off outside before planting in the ground. They are hardy and strong plants.

    Mine are flowering againimage

  • JackieWJackieW Posts: 7

    This is my first message, so apologies if it does not make sense. I have a beautiful tri-coloured wallflower, originally bought 3 but have lost two. The one remaining after looking like a dried up twig has blossomed into a beautiful plant. Many of you are saying that you take cuttings, are these from the stems or the roots?

  • JackieWJackieW Posts: 7

    Hello Verdun

    Many thanks for this information, I will certainly give this a go when the plant has stopped flowering. It is currently still full of lovely pale yellow, pale people and deeper purple blooms.

    I will take a photo and upload it to the network.

    Once again very many thanks.

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