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How long after lawn feed and weed killer can I plant things?

A week ago we sprinkled granular lawn feed and weed killer all over the lawn (most of the garden), inculding areas down the edges that I had planned to tuen into flower beds.

Do I need to wait before doing this now? I've got loads of stuff to plant and lots of seeds to sow image



  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,416

    What was the poison Paperflowers? they have different times for length of killing power. The packet will tell you what it contains.

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  • Nutcutlet, on the packet it says:

    Phosphorus pentoxide total 2%, phosphorus pentoxide (soluble in water) 0.2%, potassium oxide 4%, nitrogen 12%

    Also contains ferrous sulphate for moss

    Verdun, no, I don't think we could store that much soil - I'll be taking a couple of inches off with the grass. I'm gutted - we've got so much to plant!


  • Gold1locksGold1locks Posts: 498

    Six weeks should be fine, I reckon. I know you can sow grass seed 6 weeks after treating with lawn weedkiller, and seeds are a lot more sensitive than plants.  

  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,416

    Am I being thick? I can't see a weedkiller in that list of contents. Looks like NPK and some ferrous sulphate, nothing deadly.

    In the sticks near Peterborough
  • Actually Gold1locks, it does say on the packet that you can sow grass seed after four weeks, but I'm not sure that makes it ok for other plants? It is only designed not to kill grass after all.

    Verdun it would indeed mainly be annuals (my boyfriend avoided the area we are going to turn over for some strawberries and a few leeks and parsnips later on). I can trench the grass in - that's a really good idea in general as we don't have room for a compost heap.

    Still not sure I want to risk my precious home-grown plants all shrivelling up and dying within days of being planted though. You would think there'd be some kind of warning on the packet!

  • Nutcutlet, how about 2, 4-D (0.562% w/w) and Mecropop-P (0.562% w/w) 

    That was on a different part of the packet. The bit I looked at before did say 'fertiliser' at the top...image

    Doesn't weedkiller tend to work on contact with the foliage (poss not from what Verdun has said)? Maybe I'm overworrying this a bit - I am planning to take the grass off after all.



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