Moving Strawberries and Raspberries

My partner and I are in the process of renovating the family garden, we plan to remove the raised beds which have been in position for just over two years.  Two of the beds contain a plentiful supply of raspberries and strawberries.  Can these plants be transferred easily into pots?


  • Don't really know about the raspberries, this is only my first year of growing them.

    It's advised that you replace your strawberries every 3 years or so, as the amount of fruit they provide peaks in year 2/3, and then starts to drop off, so you may want to think about replacing these.  It's possible to get them to produce runners, by planting some of the longer shoots in compost, where they will root to make a new plant, they may have been doing this already.

    I grow my strawberries successfully in pots, but as the pots are quite small (they're the stacking type to save space), you have to remember to supply plenty of feed, from the time they flower until they finish fruiting.  Established strawberries have a very strong root system, so you may have to provide bigger pots, I'd suggest digging one up to see how big the root system is.  Aldi are also doing big pots at the moment, think they're around £3  each, don't think you'll find them much cheaper elsewhere.

  • fiona floxfiona flox Posts: 24

    I have just planted new strawberry plants from runners (in the autumn) and they are having a tough time in this weather (which I hasten to say is wonderful!) but the few strawberries on the plants made nice fodder for the birds.  Maybe next year?

    However, I too have some old raspberry canes which were in situ when we came here (Herefordshire) ten years ago.  They suffer from raspberry beetle and cane spot and now the canes which should have fruited this summer are dead.  Could it just be old age?  I have some autumn fruiting ones which are doing fine (in a separate plot). Presumably  if I buy new canes (summer), they should be planted well away from the old site?


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 11,231

    Fiona, it sounds like your raspberry canes have died from old age.

    I would put some new (certified virus free ) stock, in a new  well prepared  bed as they will be there for the next ten years.

    It's not a mess, it's a nature reserve.
  • fiona floxfiona flox Posts: 24

    Thank you so much, Fidgetbones, I will most certainly buy some new (certified virus-free) raspberry canes, once I have prepared some new ground.  They do look a sorry sight!  image 

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