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Growing hyacinths in water, growth seems to have stopped!

Hi everyone,

My god-daughter bought me two hyacinth bulbs at christmas, with hyacinth vases, for growing in water.  I followed the instructions in the boxes (to leave them in darkness for six weeks, which was mid-Feb, and to then bring them out when the roots had started to grow).  The problem is that they haven't done very much since!  There's only about three or four roots on each bulb, only about 1cm long, with the stem of the shoots only about 3cm high.  The shoots look healthy but are growing so slowly (if at all) it's ridiculous.  What can I do to encourage them along?  Is the best thing at this stage to repot them into some potting compost and get rid of the water altogether?

Any advice appreciated, thanks!


  • Bit confusedimage

    Did you leave them sitting just above the water or actually with the bases in water??

    Was it cold and dark?

  • emmaroseemmarose Posts: 21

    Left them in a dark cupboard with the bases just above the waterline so that they wouldn't rot.  There are a few roots, which are sitting in the water now, but the base of the bulb isn't in the water - should it be?

  • No-you have got that bit right

    My inclination would be to put them in compost now-these are usually potted up in September to November-I thing the timing was way out-those bulbs have been sitting around for 4/6 months-that I fear is the problem

  • emmaroseemmarose Posts: 21

    Ok, will do that tomorrow, thanks a million! image

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