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Monty once used a rake that appeared hinged. I.e. push and prongs go flat and pull the prongs come up. Has anyone any idea where I can purchase this rake please. Many thanks


  • PalaisglidePalaisglide Posts: 3,414

    Agnes, I ask why.
    The action all my gardening life was lift and push the rake away from you then drop and rake back towards you. Even with hinged tines you would still have to lift the rake or else the tine bar would push stuff away from you.
    When raking for a seed bed I keep some lift in the rake and stroke backwards and forwards to get a tilth.
    I have two rakes one with flexi tines for leaves and lawns and one with fixed tines for other jobs like raking after hoeing, it comes in handy to lean on and peruse the garden whilst planning the next move, well that is my excuse.


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