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My efforts to grow bare root plants are a disaster.  I follow the rules of soaking and spreading roots etc; but the autumn raspberries, blue verbascum, and perennial geranium, not a sign of them.  I have planted canna lilies, in pots and started in a cold greeenhouse and echinacea the latter I know I over watered so that is my fault but it does not explain the lack of success in the garden.  I have light but fertile soil, and supposed to have green fingers.  The bronze verbascum I grew from seed thrived the year the blue one died and they are now in to their second year so I do not believe it is the soil.  The only plants that seem to be growing well are some bare root strwberries I bought from Marshalls, the root system was super but nevertheless I just popped them in a shallow tub and let them get on with it not expecting them to live but they have in spite of me.   Is the answer treat them rough or should I just stick to growing everything from seed/ 


  • I've also had some disasters with bare root plants, enough to put me off for a long time. I think perhaps has a lot to do with how long they have been out of the ground. I've bought some from Hayloft this year, thought, and they are growing already.

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    Always soak my bare root perennials as soon as they arrive but only for about half an hour or so. Then pot them up individually and give them some TLC I had some hostas the other day so have put them in the bottom (more shade) of a cold house (one of those plastic things) left the door open so they are sheltered , but not over warm.

    Some of the other plants that came have received similar treatment but not so shady.

    Do you use a heavy compost or one of the more fibrous lighter ones?

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    Canna Lillies need at least 20C to start growth. Pot them up, water  and put them in the airing cupboard for a few days to spur growth.

  • I've had mixed success. Some hardy Geraniums from local supermarkets and others bought online have done well. Some were planted up before being planting out and others planted directly into the garden once the weather was warmer. From my limited experience it would appear to depend on how 'fresh' they are, e.g. showing some signs of shoots. I've recently bought some others that haven't been in the ground long and aren't yet showing much sign of life - so I'm just hoping! 

    Given that I'm sure more and more people are buying plants online and a lot seem to be sold as bare roots, I'd love some advice on how to get the best results.

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    Mrs wick you must have read my mind re this subject image

    so far this year I have brought many plugs and bare root from on line nurseries, pound shop and wilkos and think they will all be ok but just haven't the patience for them to grow! I'm sure some will be lovely this summer and almost all fab next year but I can't wait! image I always soak for at least a day in a bucket of water and pot up plugs as soon as they come.  I just can't wait for them to grow! Have decided no more this year! Just gonna buy mature plants but I'm sure this time next year I will be pleased x


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