Growing veg for local village show

Hi this year i would like to grow some carrots for my local village show, just for abit of fun grow carrots ever year but nothing of a show standard so would like to give it ago

i understand sweet candle is a good carrot to go with but then am abit stuck with techniques to growing these:- greenhouse or outside, raised beds or bins and compost to use,

i understand you need to use sharp sand then make the holes and fill them with compost, if anyone has had any success doing this before or could give me any knowledge would really appreciate it


  • Use 50/50 mix cheap compost and sharp sand.  I understand those that grow for show bench will use kitchen roll middles or drainpipes to make sure that root veg go straight down.  Wouldn't plant straight into the earth, as they will fork if they hit a stone.  Would go for covered container, that way carrot fly won't spoil them.  Depending on when the show is, sort of dictates if you grow them in a greenhouse or cloche.

    If you have time, I'd go for some successional sowings, using both kitchen roll middles and drainpipes, and a variety of covers - try polyethene, micromesh  and fleece, and see what gives you the best results, and in how many weeks.  Might not be much use this year, but should help with maybe winning something next year.

    Don't grow show veg myself, but next-door neighbour does on his allotment.

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