question about lobelia (the tall variety) and rudbeckia

Last year I planted two tall lobelia (one pink and one red) and also a rudbeckia. I'll admit I haven't had either of these before and didnt know what to do at the end of the season other than harvest some seeds (which I have sown now in plug trays) At the end of the season I just cut them all down to the ground. Will they come back or are they all annuals? Thanks in advance x


  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 24,243

    Both have annual and perennial species miss. Do you remember what the names were?  

  • Did the red one have bronze foliage. Mine was called queen Victoria! I had a pink one with green leaves and it was a vivid pink, wish I knew the name as I loved it. Took a cutting which is hanging on!
  • cairnsiecairnsie Posts: 389

    Im growing lobelia cardinalis queen victoria, there still very small in the mini greenhouse but so far still hanging on.

  • I have 2 of those in the garden. As yet nothing has popped up from the soil!! Praying it comes up.
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    Mine are also Queen Victoria, in the garden, and are shooting. I covered them in fleece during the winter, as they are a bit tender, and they're on a house wall. Hoping they actually grow!
  • image didn't cover mine ooops
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    Perennial lobelias are not fully hardy and some people suggest digging them up and over wintering in a cool greenhouse.

    If the Rudbeckias wre a perennial variety it should start sprouting soon.

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  • My green wizard has just started to show. It didn't flower last year with being newly set. Fingers crossed this year
  • Mine should like the soggy clay then!! May split next year if it survives, or would u lift now and try??
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