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Peoney & Delia

I've been a little impulsive at the garden centre and bought 3 different colours of peony and some pompon dahlias (the roots hung up in bags)

Where I want them to go isn't ready yet, we're still moving dirt and horse poop around putting in the raised beds, next job boarders!

In hind site I should have waited before buying them, but heyho!

I "liberated" some peonies from my Grannys garden last year and I know they sulk for a bit when you move them, I've got some pots I can stick them in for now, do you think I can get away with it for a couple of months?

Also do I need to give them a good soak before they go in?

Thanks for your help



  • Matty2Matty2 Posts: 4,817

    I have a peony that has been in a pot since last year, carefully planted at same soil level

    To over winter I buried the pot in the garden and am pleased to say it is sprouting. It still hasn't anywhere to go but should be planted by May

    I always soak plants before planting but I would think about 30 mins wouls be fine, ie until compost looks darker

  • I always start my dahlias in pots of fresh potting compost and plant out when fear of frost over for your area. Mid May in south. You can whip them under cover if frost likely.  Now is ideal time to pot up. Water well.

    Good luck with the peonies too.

  • Brilliant! Thanks Chaps... I knew you wouldn't let me down! image

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