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Hi Folks,

We've got a forcast of min 5°C overnight in my area.... I've a jungle of pots waiting to go in the garden taking up most of our conservertry at the moment....

Will 5°C be ok to leave my trays and pots out overnight?

I've some busy lizzies which are my main concern, the rest are peas, chinese lanterns etc what do you think? it's the 1st time I've had plants at this time of year that will need hardening off and I'm unsure of the dangerzone, I'd be gutted if I lost everything for the sake of just bringing them back in..... image


  • I should probably add they've had days out in the sunshine over the last week or so mainly so I caould water them, but I've left them out until the sun starts going down....

  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 10,641

    I've been leavibg plants out for the past two nights but all usually hardy such as hellebores, primulas, hemerocallis and new shrubs waiting to be planted.

    I wouldn't risk busies just yet, not till it gets a lot warmer at night so mid May.

    The Vendée, France
  • Thanks Obelixx,

    I left out some but lost my nearve when it came to the busies! The marigolds came back under cover too... so only half the conservertry looks like a jungle now!

    It's my master plan to get the much beloved to finish putting up my greenhouse! we've got the frame built and the foundations are set now it's just a case of adding the panes and attatching it to the foundation, I'm trying my best not to nag but boy oh boy I'm chomping at the bit to get in there and have the space back in the house.

    Thanks as ever for your help image

  • I also have alot of large pots that need to go out.I live in Halifax west yorks and it has been lovely weather past week or so during the day but bloody cold at night.

    I have Rudbeckias (goldstrum), purple magnus, Cosmos, and Moonfire Dahlias all out in pots they are doing fine although I do cover with fleece at night time.

    I also have an Olive Tree which is fine I only cover if we are due a hard frost also I have a Date Palm which I have to carry in at night nearly breaks mi bloody back!

    I have pansys, violas, mimulus and other plants still in my conservatory and they wont go out til probably mid-may, we still get frost in the Pennines in May sometimes early June its a real pain.

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