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I just bought 25 cambridge strawberries, my 1st attempt at growing

I am going to plant out 15 in veg patch with weed membrane.

believe i need to cut off any runners to push all the energy onto the main plant

but strawberries will start to lose there fruiting in a few years.


should i maybe wait till year 2 and allow some runners to root and then say let them replace 4 plants and then do the same again the next year for another 4 plants so that i begin to get a cycle of old and newer?


hhhmmm  imageonder:



  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 34,866

    Hi Marc.

    They reckon 2 or 3 years is right for replacement. 

    Why not save the very best runners this year and pot them on and remove all others.

    Next year do a few more, the following you should be replacing some of the weaker Mother plants

  • planting next week, 15 of

    so let grow for a year and then following year i was thinking of replacing one row etc then the next row the following year and so on.

    so maybe pot on some runners end of next year to replace a row of and discard the rest


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