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How long before I furtle in my seeds???

I have recently sown some seeds and as yet have seen nothing! How long dies the following usually take to germinate with you. My seeds are in the conservatory and there is a heater in there for overnight...... ??? sweet pea ???dwarf red dahlia seed (self collected) ??? perennial lobelia ???sugar Ann sugar snap pea ??? courgette green bush ???tomato seeds self collected By the way I love this forum, makes gardening more interesting talking and sharing. I'm definitely an addict to gardening now!


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    How recent is recently Red?

    There's nothing you can take for gardening addiction, you just have to live with it. image

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  • Sweet peas were first on 29march. God I even have a diary of when sown and when germinated, I think it's getting me!!

    I need to get my plastic conservatory up. I would love a real greenhouse but unsure if I have enough space for one!

    I even shot out of work early to get pots to grown on my cuttings!! I bought 26 at 9p each and then ended up spending 33.59!!!!!! Ooops
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  • HH - I find it so rewarding when they germinate and then they change so fast. I have done marigolds before and climbing beans and carrots but always left the rest to family and garden centres!!! Just wish I had a greenhouse!

    At the rate I'm going though I will have a garden full and some to give away!!!

    Stupidly the ones I want to germinate the most are the dwarf red dahlia. What's the betting that some expert tells me that this seed is normally infertile! Will be v sad if it doesn't come as all my cuttings died off so it will be lost!!
  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,431

    I should think the dahlias will germinate Red, might not be quite as the parent plant. Might be better.

    In the sticks near Peterborough
  • Do you know how long dahlias normally take?? I really really hope so, image
  • blackestblackest Posts: 623

    have you got any way to check the soil temperature? Seems many seeds like 15-20 degrees. I found that having them in the greenhouse they just sat there but in the warmth of my heated propagator i could get action in 24-48 hours. my box is a bit rough it gets a sheet of plastic on it from the evening to the morning usually the soil temp is around 20 degrees and in the day the plastic comes off and is slightly cooler but gets the light to the seedlings which are through.

    I've just switched to having my pots standing in a little water which is drawn up through the compost the seeds seem to like that. My chilli plants seem to have responded. cling film or a plastic cover increases humidity and that can help too. 

    You don't need to be fancy when it comes to heating pots I started with two blocks of wood a sheet of glass for the trays to sit on and a lamp on it's side underneath with a 11watt cfl bulb. Just enough heat to warm the soil. Even a cfl bulb is giving off 80% heat. Even a card board box providing the low energy bulb isnt touching it could be enough to hold a pot. A seed tray might be ok to be suspended above a bulb.  says 70 -80 F thats 21 -26 degrees C and 7 - 21 days. Also recommends plastic to cover the pot. It is likely your dahlia seed is too cold to germinate, on the positive side if you can get the heat up enough then it probably will be very fast. Hope this helps. On the top at the back of a fridge is a recommended place.

  • Will get the thermometer in the conservatory. Just stuck the tip in my dahlia tray. It's sitting on some of that fabric capillary matting and I water from the bottom. It's currently reading 15degrees but the heater hasn't come on yet. In the day it's rather warm in there. The sun hits it and when I get home it's toasty warm. Will try and check the heat in the morning and when I get in from work.
  • blackestblackest Posts: 623

    As long as you can get the soil temperature and not the air temperature, they can be quite different. Dahlia's from what I have read hail from mexico which probably explains their liking for heat. There is a lot that germinates at 15 -20 so you should do well with many seeds but i'm thinking you need a bit more for the Dahlia to be comfy.

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    I just love the word "furtle"!

    I sowed sweet pea seeds in Feb - all have been in the same conditions - about half came up in a fortnight but the others are still appearing one by one now.

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