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Rose Blackspot

Is the onset of blackspot on my newly planted Queen Elizabeth Rose? I have sprayed with Rose clear 2 weeks ago when the leaves were just forming. And today I discovered the spots on them. image








  • chickychicky Posts: 10,402

    Hi Kitty - are they last years leaves?  In which case they normally look a bit tatty when this year's foliage is about to take over - I wouldn't panic yet ! 

  • Could be due to frost maybe,  the thing with the dreaded Black Spot is to try and prevent it  if possible,  I suffer (well my roses do) from it big time so what I do is at the end of the growing season I spray the roses with Rose Clear and put some BFB done and dig it in remove all the dead leaves and bury a banana skin by the roots to give them extra potassium then leave them till Spring,  so,   what I've done up to now is spray the new growth and given them a dose of Rose Food  and so far so good apart from the new growth getting nipped by the frost,  it's one of those things for me at least takes some controlling, fingers crossed.

  • Chicky,

    They are this year's foliage. I planted it bare root last autumn and it has only started to grow.


    I have sprayed all my roses 2 weeks ago and have fed them. I think I'm feeding the roses right as the other bare root rose I planted last autumn (Icerberg) is already producing flower buds!

    I'm hoping someone can confirm if the leaves are indeed blackspot. So that I can nip it off and give the plant another dose of spraying while it is still manageable.
  • BluebaronBluebaron Posts: 226

    My mature rose is covered with black spot. Treatment says to remove all the infected leaves. Problem with that is that they all have some on!

    Should I remove every single leaf?


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