I've seen articles telling us its time to start sowing peas outside. Now I've never had the best of luck direct sowing for reasons unknown but I have a feeling a small wiskered squeaker is to blame! Now I started some off in greenhouse on gutter to transplant, when would be the best time to do so as they are a bit more hardy than the beans? Also broad beans ????


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    Have you hardened them off? If not, I'd start doing it now. Mine have been outside for a couple of (still in their guttering) under a cloche in the raised bed they're due to go in, same with broad beans (in modules). I thought that I could kill 2 birds with 1 stone, harden them off and warm the soil! 

    Was going to plant them out today, but got rained off. Also, I'm in South Devon, with a walled garden, so I think conditions here may be more hospital than your neck of the woods.

  • put them out!ive put mine out a couple of days ago,and theyre sowing never worked for me,i think the mice/birds/whoever steel them.gutters are the way to sowing climbing peas too,ive grown them before.broad beans too get them in!!

    weathers warming up!

  • Great advice guys broad beans already in cold frames will move the peas out too.

    Thank you image
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    Hi green ,,,,, old allotmenteers all agree dip or wipe the peas in paraffin before planting no mice probs ,it doesn't harm the pea in any way as all the growth is from the inside of the pea and new, i even remember my granddad doing it as he had lots of mice on his allotments (3)


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