Something better change [ and it has ]

punkdocpunkdoc Posts: 5,113

Just in from  a great day in the garden. Not the usual seven layers on, in fact almost balmy.

Have been dividing perennials. I love the idea that you are getting lots of plants for free and you know they will do well because they have already done it for you before.

Also managed to plant some stuff that had over wintered in the greenhouse. This is a huge relief as it has never been so full at this time of year and the OH will kill me if I dont move some seedlings out of the house.

Seen first bee of the year and a robin has been following me round all day.

All in all magic. Hope you have had a good one too.

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  • tattiannatattianna Posts: 174

    I had a similar day yesterday. It was so pleasant out there. I too managed to shed some layers and feeling less restricted I got lots done...brilliant!

  • Warmer weather is on the way so i hear so i wont have to look like the michelin man when im gardening. My friends and i divide plants and sow extra seeda so we can swap. Means we gat a lot of different plants. Wish i could spend the whole day in the garden i have to do an hour at a time then rest a bit then go and do a bit more. The back gives me real grief if i overdo things Happy gerdening.

  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 19,692

    me too Maud which is why I'm going to make some raised beds in future. Had to work yesterday afternoon on what was the warmest day here for ages image Rain on way-got caught in a little earlier but the hedges are about to turn almost instantly green any time soon!

  • Now having probs with my foot, waiting for results of xray. As i said to a friend a creaking door lasts longest wont i be able to fit in a lot of fun in that time.

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