Red Hot Pokers What do I do next

StillLearningStillLearning Posts: 180

Unsure what to do next... Grew them into large stemmed pokers last year and removed the dead stalk down to the base of the plants, when they had finished.. However the leaves remained green all through the winter and are still green with a few leaves going off.

Do I leave all the greenery

Remove each dead leaf as it dies off

Or remove all the greenery now...

If someone would kindly poke me in the right direction please



  • punkdocpunkdoc Posts: 5,245

    Sometime they remain evergreen. If not remove leaves when dead.

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  • StillLearningStillLearning Posts: 180

    Hiya thanks - was a little confused on what to do next - my dilemma is solved, had never grown them before so was totally baffled image

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